Is It Good to Join IELTS Courses Just To Please Your Teacher?

It is common knowledge that taking IELTS classes just to improve English is a waste of time. Most students find it difficult to concentrate and focus on the curriculum. In short, IELTS classes are more about sitting through test than learning English. Is it really good to enroll in IELTS courses just to improve English? To answer this, it would be helpful to look at how people from different countries view IELTS.

First, take a closer look at your goals. Are you looking for IELTS to increase your English vocabulary? If so, then you should consider taking IELTS preparation courses prior to your exam. These preparations will help you master the basic concepts of the English language such as pronouns, nouns, adverbs and adjectives. You can get IELTS Prep course materials from a wide range of online resources. There are also IELTS CDs that you can listen to while you prepare for the exam.

Second, would you like to improve your reading and writing skills? Would you like to improve your speaking skills? IELTS is designed to test your writing and reading skills. Hence, it would be useful to make use of IELTS review materials. Reviewing the material will allow you to see how different regions of the English language are used.

Third, would you like to develop your listening and speaking skills? IELTS courses are designed to assess your listening and speaking ability. Hence, it would be useful to take IELTS audio courses. These courses would train your ear to recognize and comprehend English dialogues. By doing so, you will acquire the ability to communicate using the English language.

Fourth, do you want to write in English? IELTS courses are not only designed to assess your writing skills. In fact, it will assess your knowledge of the English language as a whole. Thus, if you want to write in English, you may want to enroll in IELTS composition courses. These courses would provide you with guidelines and instructions on how to compose a good essay.

Lastly, is it good to join its courses just to please your teacher? Teachers are the ones who decide which students should take IELTS courses just to please them. Although it is true that teachers greatly appreciate competent students who can easily grasp their lessons and do well in class, it may not always be possible to determine which students would really bring out the best in them without taking IELTS courses just to please their teachers.

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