What is a Tantric Sex Guru?

Tantric Sex

If you’re looking for a slow-paced form of sex that can help you reconnect with your body and enhance your intimacy, tantric sex could be right up your alley.

It focuses on physical and spiritual awareness, which can lead to powerful orgasms. It’s also said to be a great way to connect with a partner, helping you both to create a deeper bond.

The Guru

A tantric sex guru is usually a sex educator who has developed a method for empowering their students to reach deeper levels of pleasure and orgasm in sexual activity. Their training may also involve meditative techniques, breath control and massage.

The tantric sex guru may be a male or female. But most of the time, a female is responsible for directing her students through this process.

Typically, the Tantric sex guru has many students with a lot of experience in the art of sexuality and sex. This is often because these students have had extensive sex education and training from various sex-oriented schools, including sex yoga, tai chi, shiatsu and kung fu.

As a sex educator, it is the responsibility of a Tantric sex guru to help her students become better at their craft and achieve their goals. This can include helping her students achieve a greater level of orgasm in their sex experiences, or even to assist them in developing a better relationship with their partners.

To develop a better connection with their partner, a Tantric sex guru may recommend that her students adopt the hand-on-heart position where one partner places their right hand over the other’s heart. Both partners then breathe synchronistically and focus on feeling the love and energy that flows between them.

This is a very powerful practice and can be incredibly enjoyable and intimate. It can be difficult for newer Tantric sex students to start with, but once they get the hang of it, they will find this a very rewarding practice and can lead to multiple orgasms in their sex experiences.

Another tantric sex practice that can be extremely fulfilling and romantic is eye gazing. When both of you gaze into each other’s eyes for a few minutes, it can be very relaxing and hypnotic.

It can be difficult to know where to begin regarding tantric sex practices, so it’s best to start small and work your way up. The key is to remain flexible and open to what feels good for the person in the moment.
The Disciple

Tantric sex is a spiritual practice that aligns the fire of your sexual energy, passion, and desires with your heart, spirit, and a sense of goodness in your life. It’s often associated with a variety of complex and rigorous spiritual paths, including Kashmir Shaivism and Vajrayana Buddhist pathways in India and Tibet.

In addition to being a serious and challenging practice, tantric sex also includes a broader range of erotic activities than most people are used to experiencing. These include gentle and slow embraces, breathing during sexual intercourse, being present within the body, and opening to deeper states of orgasmic ecstasy.

The Disciple, or disciple-like figure in a tantric sex guru’s circle is a crucial player. He or she serves as a role model and guides the shishya to a higher state of consciousness, not trapping them in the compulsive, masochistic nature of sex.

Moreover, the Disciple-like figure in a tantric guru’s circle is often one of the highest-ranked individuals in the guru’s religious lineage. The most renowned of these are the Fifth Lelung ‘Laughing Vajra’ Rinpoche, who received monk’s ordination from the Sixth Dalai Lama at the age of seven, and the Fifth Karmapa, who renounced his vows of celibacy to become a tantric yogi.

It is important to note that while a guru may be a high-ranking practitioner in the yogi’s lineage, this does not necessarily mean that his or her practice is sanctioned or legitimated by Tibetan Buddhist authorities.

In fact, the vast majority of ‘Tantric sex gurus’ in the West are either unqualified or simply exploiting their followers for financial gain. Some of them are downright psychopaths.

For example, the American sex guru John Muir claims to be a well-meaning practitioner who ‘only’ uses traditional Tantra as a foundation for his sex-related programs. While he does teach ejaculation control, his programs are all about creating a loving and harmonious environment in the relationship between his clients.

Another very interesting figure in a tantric sex practitioner’s circle is the ‘Karmamudra Master’. This title comes from Sanskrit and refers to an advanced type of tantric sex practice. These practices are very focused and ritualized, allowing the practitioner to enter very subtle and realized states of body-and-mind.

The Shisya

A shisya, or guru-like figure, is often a tantric sex guru’s closest disciple, who may be engaged in sexual initiation and practice with the sex guru. This is a very important relationship, and one that can often lead to the attainment of moksha, or liberation from suffering.

Generally, a sex guru will be a highly experienced yogi or spiritual teacher. He will have mastered all the traditional practices of Tantra and will have a deep understanding of how these can be combined to create spiritual growth.

The guru-shishya relationship is often thought of as a spiritual journey, and the guru is expected to guide the shishya to enlightenment through his teachings. The guru will sometimes lead the shishya to perform certain rituals in order to achieve this goal.

It is common for a sex guru to take a special interest in his or her student’s health, and will frequently prescribe various forms of medicinal treatment to assist the student in their personal growth. He or she will also encourage the practice of meditation, and may even instruct the shishya in techniques to improve their concentration.

Some sex gurus will also teach their students how to control and master the physical intercourse of sex in a very controlled manner. This is called Karmamudra, or las kyi phyag rgya in Tibetan, and is a highly advanced form of tantric sexual yoga.

This is a highly specialized and esoteric practice, and requires the careful coordination of the yogi’s schedule and an intimate understanding of his or her own personal needs for arousal and desire. It is also a very intensive, and thus demanding, practice that can be difficult to sustain over the long term.

For example, a recent case that has generated much debate among Tibetan Buddhist practitioners is the teachings of white American Michael Roach. Despite his non-celibacy vows and alleged spiritual attainments, Roach continued practicing sexual consortship with a tantric goddess.

Ultimately, though, the yogi’s sex practices are primarily about cultivating and sustaining highly intense levels of arousal to reach very subtle states of awareness and insight. Only after achieving these states can he or she begin to manifest the true nature of the Self, which is the pure and infinite Being whose form is essentially immaterial and beyond the realms of time and space.

The Orgasm

Traditionally, Tantric sex has been seen as the sexual equivalent of a Michelin-starred meal – it’s a ritualistic, slow and incredibly satisfying experience. It can be difficult to get started, but it’s a great way to explore your sexuality in a new, more meaningful way.

Create a sacred space with soft furnishings and aromas to get into the mood. Light scented candles, diffuse essential oils and burn incense sticks. Hang flowers and satin throws.

Then, sit and close your eyes. Breath deeply to clear your mind. When you’re ready, a tantric guru will guide you through some practices to stimulate your body. This can include gentle clitoral stimulation and masturbation.

You can also try a tantric massage to stimulate your partner’s sexual organs. It’s best to work up to this by practicing with a friend or loved one first, so that you’re comfortable in your body and the technique is familiar.

Tantric sex is a spiritual practice that originated in India over 5000 years ago and is believed to have the ability to open up a person’s psyche. It teaches you to view your sexual intercourse through a meditative lens and can lead to enlightenment, explains Knight.

As Knight explains, “Tantrics delved into the nature of orgasm and discovered that it was not a fleeting, short-lived pleasure experience, but instead a state of enlightenment.” Orgasm is described in Tantric literature as “one-ness with the Divine” (maithuna) wherein the subject becomes one with the experienced.

When this happens, the conceptual mind and ego-identity are left behind and the experiencer can truly reach out and connect with another. Unlike the fast-paced, short-lived orgasms that most people experience when in the midst of a relationship, a tantric sex session can last for hours and it’s a completely transformative experience.

To achieve this, you and your lover must spend several hours together. They’ll need to make sure they’re both physically and emotionally prepared, and you’ll need to be patient with them as it will take time for your orgasms to kick in.

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